Hospital Information Management System Software

Saral-Prohims is a complete hospital management system software that provides various modules to organise hospital operations. These modules include Patient UHID, OPD billing, IPD billing, OT management, store inventory, patient EMR, and nursing desk functionality. The software can operate on a local server or a cloud-based server. Our team facilitates short training on how to efficiently manage the software.

Modules Hospital Management Software

Out Patient Department (OPD) module covers patient master information and gives a unique registration number which helps you to find history of patient. This module shows details about patient payment & visit, panel patient list, doctor patient details according to consultancy.
  • Patient registration no.(PRN)
  • Appointment
  • OPD registration
  • OPD card

In Patient Department (IPD) module covers admit patient details and room status, daily patient apply charges, patient outstanding, advance payment details, doctor payment for patient consultation, final bill option and discount according to doctor and hospital.
  • IPD registration
  • Room status/shifting
  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital chargeable services
  • Daily rough estimate
  • Cash receipt
  • Refund
  • Advance
  • Final billing
  • Discharge summary

In Operation Theater(OT) module, we provide OT scheduling and patient charges.
  • OT booking
  • OT procedure
  • Patient charges

Nursing & Treatment module covers treatment process applied on admitted patients on daily bases as TPR sheet, intake/output chart, doctor's prescription medicine and investigation advice.
  • TPR sheet
  • IO chart
  • Nursing sheet
  • Medicine sheet
  • Doctor's prescription

Diagnostic Module provides Registration & Billing of all the services applied on patient (IPD/OPD/Direct) by the hospital. It performs various investigations booking of different departments like pathology, ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc. all patient information show in its related department for result entry.
  • Pathology
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • MRI
  • ECG
  • CT scan
  • Result entry
  • Test wise
  • Group wise
  • Patient wise
  • Sample wise
  • Direct entry by interfacing
  • Report output
  • Reporting complete / Partly printing
  • SMS report
  • E-Report(WhatsApp/Email)
  • Patient history
  • Day workload
  • Sample out sourcing
  • ICD coding
  • Test master
  • Profile master
  • Group master
  • Phlebotomy
  • Lab MIS panel

Kits Stock module provides details of kits and regents used in lab testing. It shows short expiry details, daily consumption details according to total tests taken, repeat & wastage base, kit receive & replacement details.
  • Kit master
  • Kit receive
  • Kit issue
  • Kit replacement
  • Kit expire
  • Kit stock
  • Daily consumption chart

TPA module provides patient registration for OPD/IPD/Diagnostic.
  • TPA Workload
  • Tariff Rate
  • TPA Advance Receipt
  • TPA Final Receipt
  • TPA Master
  • TPA Payment
  • Package Master

OPD Procedure System module provides entries for day-care activities like dressing, vaccination, plasters, MOT, etc.
  • Direct Patient Registration & Billing

User Security module provides different levels of authority to users that will enhance the security of data.
  • Create/Modify/Delete user
  • Assign working authority to user
  • Working role creation

Management Information System(MIS) presents in the Saral-System software is a summary of key parameters values covering all areas of the hospital that are generally monitored by the top management on a regular basis. Report Navigator (provide detail report for OPD, IPD, service, patient account, panel, master list).

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